How Greek Life Smoothed My College Transition

I’ve never seen myself as someone who would be a member of a sorority. On a whim, I decided to rush.


Greek life at Brandeis is unrecognized by the school. However, it’s become a significant part of my transition to college.


Although joining seems like a daunting time commitment, it has been one-hundred percent worth it. I’ve met my best friends, and built amazing connections with upperclassmen. Getting to know the upperclassmen have been so helpful, especially during the first semester of my freshman year. It’s been so nice to have motivated and smart girls to look up to. They’ve given me advice on absolutely everything, and have made me feel extremely welcome in the Brandeis community.


Becoming involved with Greek life has given me so many friends, not just in my sorority, but all throughout the community. The nice thing about Greek like being so small at Brandeis -- five sororities and five fraternities -- is you get to know or meet almost everyone involved. There are so many familiar faces on campus now, making this 3500 person school feel a lot cozier.


Even though sometimes I think, “seriously, I joined a sorority?" I don’t know where I would be without my new sisters.