Having a Long Distance Crush

Everyone knows that having crushes are the worst. Yes, you get to feel the electric shock of happiness whenever they walk by you, or the intense butterflies when they say your name and don’t even get me started on the way your entire body melts when they touch you. But then, they leave, and you’re left coming down from this “love high” that you know can only be matched when they come back for those few seconds. In their absence, you begin to spiral into a pit of despair.​https://gph.is/1GdQg6J

Now, imagine all these CRAZY emotions that accompany having a crush. You hate them, you miss them,  you convince yourself you’re in love with them...but most of all you just want to see them. Every. Day. What do you do if they live far away and you can’t see them every day?​https://gph.is/1ZWtNWA

In my personal experience, when you have a crush who lives far away, you’ll most likely begin to experience some minor symptoms of withdrawal. By not seeing their face regularly, you are forced to rely on texting and Snapchat. But if you text and Snap them all the time, are you being desperate? What’s casual now! Nobody knows the answer. So as you sit there, ignoring the mountains of work you have to do, staring at your phone waiting for them to contact you, you begin to fantasize about your life together which may lead to some - unhealthy - expectations.​https://gph.is/Z0Ubzo

So. What’s the point of having a long distance crush anyway? You miss out on the high of seeing them in person, and you waste so much energy and stress on thinking about them. Really, it’s pointless. Until you see them again. Then you remember why this person is so important to you, and why you’ve chosen to invest so much of your life into this wonderful human being. And besides, who’s to say they don’t feel the same way?​https://gph.is/XGVmI5