Hannah Schuster '18

Name: Hannah Schuster

Year: 2018

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Majors/Minors: American studies/journalism and French


Her Campus: What are you involved with on campus? 

Hannah Schuster: I am the co-President of the Ballet Club, a member of the Adagio Dance Company and the News Editor of The Brandeis Hoot.

HC: How did you become involved in these activities and what's your favorite part about them? 

HS: I started writing for The Hoot because I've loved writing and wanted to learn more about journalism. I've enjoyed working with the news team and seeing how much the section has improved. I've also been dancing my whole life, so I knew I wanted to keep it up in college. When I came to Brandeis, the Ballet Club was just offering weekly classes, but I was part of the group that transformed it into a performance group as well. Seeing that take shape has been the most rewarding part.    

HC: How did a Brandeis production of The Nutcracker come about?

 HS: Last winter, a few dancers and I saw Harvard Ballet Company performance's performance of The Giver. When we walked out, Brooke Granovsky (my co-director/choreographer, etc.) and I looked at each other and decided we wanted to do something like that. We thought about children's books or classic stories we could use, as well as famous ballets we could modernize. Since the show was going to be around December, we though what could be better than The Nutcracker?

HC: What has it been like executing such a seminal ballet? 

HS: In short, it's been the craziest most exciting thing I've ever done. First, Brooke and I spent a lot of time choreographing. We tried to maintain classic elements of The Nutcracker while adding in modern choreography and music. The auditions were when it began to feel real because suddenly we had a 25-person cast. As the semester went on, rehearsals got more intense (~6 hours a week for some dancers) but also more fun. We had an amazing core group of people who helped us pull this off. By the end, it wasn’t just me and Brooke, it was a group effort. It's strange, but really cool, to realize we left this mark on Brandeis and hopefully started a tradition that will outlast our time here.

HC: What's one piece of advice you would give to your freshman self? 

HS: Don't be afraid to contribute in class and get to know professors. 


Quick Facts

Favorite song: "Ophelia" by The Lumineers 

Favorite food: Anything chocolate 

Favorite quote: "Live the good you learned here." - Lillie Straus, the founder of my summer camp

Favorite Boston attraction: The modern addition to the Boston Public Library. It's my favorite spot to work on the weekends. 

Favorite TV show: Gilmore Girls (it's an addiction) 

Favorite Brandeis memory (so far): That would have to be The Nutcracker, though celebrating my 19th birthday with my best friends in Boston was also a great night.