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Great Holiday Gifts Under $50

It’s that time of year again HC insiders, the holiday season! If you’re anything like me you love to shop for gifts for your friends and family, but like to stick to a good budget. In case you didn’t brave the hoards on Black Friday or had everything sold out on Cyber Monday, check out these gift ideas below, all under $50!
For Moms:

For moms who love vino, check out these cute Lilly Pulitzer wine glasses and this super techy aerator.

For the mom who loves a little bling, check out these Kate Spade studs.

For Best Friends:
For your BFF that likes to party get her this cute going out bag and make up brushes.

For your friend who likes to relax and spend time on the couch, get her this amazing snuggle accessory.

For Boyfriends:

For the classy man in your life, get him this dressed up flask.

For the typical boy who loves to sip on a beer while playing Fifa, get him these two gifts – the bean bag chair and a beer brewing kit.

For the man who likes to get down and dirty, he won’t return this sexy edible treat.
For Dads:
For the ambitious Dad who likes to make breakfast, but hates the clean up the dishes, get this easy breakfast gadget.

For the Dad who likes to relax at the end of the day with a nice tumbler of whiskey, get him these whiskey stones to keep his drink cold.

For the forgetful Dad who always loses his keys, check out this electronic key finder.


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