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I’ve done it! I’ve found the perfect mixture of satire and sex that you can watch in a day. GIRLS is a television show aired on HBO that is written by Lena Dunham (who also stars in it) and produced by the brilliant Judd Apatow (involved in basically every funny movie ever). It follows a group of 20 something girls in New York City.
Now, I know what you’re thinking.
“What, you mean like Gossip Girl?”

NO. I mean, as much as I love following the shenanigans of my queen Blair Waldorf, this is a much different style of show. For one, it makes me feel like something that I would go through if I decided to move to New York with my best friend.

Hannah (Dunham) calls herself “the voice of her generation” and while I don’t think that she is spot on with this one, I do believe that the show is an accurate depiction of a group of upper middle class girls in New York. It’s funny, it’s witty, and it’s addictive enough to get you to keep watching. I never found myself getting too attached to any of the characters (besides Hannah’s pseudo-boyfriend, Adam) but the characters kind of mirrored some of the friends that I have today. I think we can all find some of these girls in us (even if you’re not a girl or anything like them), and that’s what makes this show great. It’s fresh, and it’s straight to the point. Plus, who doesn’t love an awkward sex scene?
If you are looking for a show to watch in its entirety, I definitely suggest this one. Plus, it is only thirty minutes long and so far, the show only has ten episodes out.

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