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A Girl’s Favorite Accessory: Bracelets

Every girl loves jewlery, and bracelets are getting more and more popular.  We got to hear about the stories behind the bracelets girls wear on campus and how much they mean to them. 

Lara Leibmann, a junior at Brandeis loves her different bracelets both seperately and together because they really show her style. Some were given to her by friends or family and some she bought for herself. The memories associated with these bracelets mean a lot to her and that’s what makes them so special. From left to right they are: 3 bracelets from PacSun, in black, gold, and rose gold. The peach and blue braided bracelets are from Pure Vida bracelets. The light pink bracelet is from the woman in the SCC and the black and gold bracelet with the teal ribbon was made by her suitemate.  The star and moon rings on her fingers are from PacSun. 

This bracelet is one that Shana Namm, another junior, never takes off! She wears it all the time and has had it since High School. 

Emily Beker, one our own Campus Collaborators loves her Pandora bracelet, and her heart bracelet which she got as a graduation present after high school.  These bracelets mean a lot and are both very special because friends and family have helped her collect her Pandora charms and her roommmate brought back the purple bracelet in the middle for her when she came back from Israel a few weeks ago. 

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