Gifts for Grads

Graduation is a time filled with emotions, family photos, and, usually, presents. Besides a birthday, graduation is one of the few opportunities to ask for something you've always wanted. Don't have anything in mind? Check out the list below for some ideas. You deserve it!

Classic Jewelry: A new necklace, earrings, or bracelet is always a winner.

Laptop/smartphone/camera: Graduation is the perfect opportunity to update that technology you would like but can’t afford yourself.

Apartment-warming gift: Get a jump-start on decorating your new space with practical gifts like plants, measuring cups, or a coffee table.

Gas station gift certificate: Whether you’ll be driving to your new job or heading on a post-grad road trip, some extra gas money is always helpful.

Magazine subscription: The gift that keeps on giving. Which one will you choose?  

Professional purse/briefcase: Nothing says “Hello, real world” like a new bag.     

Books: Just because you’re almost done with classes (undergraduate, at least) doesn’t mean the reading has to stop. If your future plans involve traveling, you’ll want to check out this book.