Five Ways to get in the Thanksgiving Spirit

Watch the Thanksgiving Episode of Your Favorite TV Series​​

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So many TV shows portray the craziness, awkwardness, family love, and horrendous amounts of food of this holiday. Re-watch your favorite characters get through their Thanksgiving dinner for some inspo and motivation to get through your own in a few weeks. Some of my favorite episodes include these:

  • “A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving” Season 3 Episode 9 (Gilmore Girls)

  • “Slapsgiving” Season 3 Episode 9 (How I Met Your Mother)

  • “The One With the Football” Season 3 Episode 9 (Friends)

  • “Parents” Season 2 Episode 8 (New Girl)

  • “Shibboleth” Season 2 Episode 8 (West Wing)

Click here for more Thanksgiving TV shows!


Send a Thank You Card​

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Snail mail is SO underrated these days. Take some time in your busy schedule (perfect to use as a study break!) to write a thank you note to someone in your life who has done something super nice recently, or just for their general presence or impact on your life. The person will love receiving a handwritten note and will totally appreciate the effort! Additionally,  you’ll feel really good about it too and might be inspired to see gratitude in other aspects of your life.


Get a Fall Scent for Your Room​

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At home, one of my favorite ways to celebrate the seasons is with candles but since candles aren’t the best option (read as: against dorm policy) for college, I use air fresheners and wall plug-ins which are the next best thing. If you’re feeling indulgent, Bath and Body Works has tons of fall fragrances that may even match your favorite candles, but more common brands like Glade and even Febreze have scents such as “Cozy Autumn Cuddle” and “Fresh Fall Pumpkin” that can be picked up at your next Target or Grocery store run.


Check Out the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Lineup​

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Doesn’t everyone wake up, get coffee, grab a blanket, and spend way too long watching a parade of balloons? Check out the lineup to make sure you don’t sleep through your favorite balloon or marching band. If you’re staying on campus, you could explore the option of seeing the parade live in New York!


Start a Gratitude Journal​

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Whether it’s for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving or to implement into your daily routine, writing down things simple or more complex that you’re grateful for can be a great way of reflecting every day and helping to see the silver lining when it may be difficult or just add a little more happiness to your day. Here is a guide to getting started!