Five Tips and Tricks for First Years

Transitioning into Brandeis was definitely a challenge for me and I’ve heard from my other friends too how hard it has been to move to a whole new place from home. Here are some tips that I’ve been able to come up with after my two weeks at Brandeis!


Tip #1: put pictures of your friends and family EVERYWHERE

  • This one is kind of a given, but having visual reminders of those who love you most is essential during your transition to a new school. It also serves as a reminder of why you are there- to make those that you love proud.

Tip #2: get off social media

  • This one may be daunting to our new age of Instagram, Twitter, and snapchat, but during my first week of freshman year, I was rarely checking what my friends were up to. First, it helps with not seeing things that might remind you how far you are from them. Second,  it also helps to not give you an outlet to compare your college life thus far. Some people may be posting that they are having the time of their lives, but in reality, they’re just as homesick as you.

Tip #3: go to your school’s club fair

  • Especially if you feel like you haven’t found your group of people yet, this is a great way to find people that have the same interests as you and may have the same goals as you in college. Being involved on campus also means opening your network to people who may be in the same major as you, and maybe in the same classes as you.

(PC Credit: Vivienne Westwood,

Tip #4: get to know the area your school is in

  • Exploring a new place is always fun, but especially during this transitional period, getting a group people to go and explore the nearest city or places around campus is a good way to bond and a good way to see if you guys share the same taste in food, movies, etc. Not only that, but you could also be able to find good places to study, places to just get away from the hustle and bustle of campus.


Tip #5: take advantage of registration period


  • This one is one of the most academically practical tips. It is important to know that registration period is the perfect time to explore different areas of interest and sit through classes you didn’t officially enroll in but we're still curious about. I didn’t take advantage of registration period as much as I would’ve liked, but because I shopped for at least three different electives for my business major, I was able to make connections with people that were otherwise in my other core classes. Again, this is a really really great way to get to meet new freshman and also upperclassmen that may also be taking the same classes as you and can serve as mentors your first year.