Five Things Worth Splurging for on a College Budget

Let’s face it, the majority of our demographic is broke. Our minimum wage jobs barely provide enough and adulting is just so expensive. Budgeting can be difficult, but here are a few things that are definitely worth spending a little extra on.


  1. Healthcare

A necessity. If you need to get yourself some help, make sure it’s the best care you can get. A good doctor makes an enormous difference.


  1. A Good Mattress Topper and Comforter

Your bed is your sanctuary. We eat here, study here, and most importantly, we sleep here. It is definitely worth the extra cash to make that space as comfortable as possible.​


  1. Personal Care

Look good, feel good! Self-care is a necessity and whether it’s a good haircut or a wax, it’s worth paying for a quality experience for yourself.​


  1. Fresh Produce

Sometimes you just can’t do dining hall food. If you want a carrot that’s actually crunchy and cucumbers that aren’t a little slimy from being left in a tub, go ahead and treat ya self. It’s been really beneficial to me to have a little variety of fruits and veggies in my fridge.​


  1. A Nice Interview Outfit

A first impression is key to landing any job. Make sure you have a good quality blazer/ blouse combo that you can wear every time.​


  1. Toilet Paper

Campus only gives us one ply. Need I say more?​


  1. Shoes

Being that walking is our main mode of transportation, having a few pairs of high quality, long lasting, shoes is important.​