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Five Different Types of Students During Finals

Finals are upon us here at Brandeis. We have all accepted the fact that the semester zipped past us (just kidding, none of us can believe it). Whether you’re in the library, dining hall, or residence hall, you will encounter various types of students during this time…

1. The student that is locked away in their room

These are the ones that haven’t left their room ever since the last day of class. You can always expect to see their light on, whether it’s 9pm or 4am. They’re hard at work, but they also haven’t seen anyone in days…

2. The student that is camping out in the library

This student is the same as #1, but this time, they have camped out in the library. They have claimed their desk and have not given it up for days. At all hours of the night, you can find them at the same desk (asleep or not).

3. The freshman who can’t stop freaking out

This might be their first finals period, and they have no idea what they’re doing. They’re freaking out because they don’t know how to study for 4 finals in the course of a week. You can usually spot them pretty easily.

4. The chill student

They probably have never ventured over to the library or even taken a book out of their backpack. They like to live life with no stress, and they’ll start worrying about their exams a few hours before (if at all). 

5. The senior who already has a job lined up

This one speaks for itself…the seniors who are already employed could care less about their finals because, well, they already have a job…



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