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Family Weekend Comedy Show Starring Colin Jost

Pic Creds: The one and only Talia Gerard (LOOK HOW CLOSE WE WERE!)

To preface this recap, I am a huge Colin Jost fan. I am a giant Saturday Night Live enthusiast and really appreciate the social and political commentary he brings to both the Weekend Update segment and the show as a whole as one of the writers. When I heard he was coming to Brandeis I was SHOOK and immediately made plans with my friends to buy tickets.

Me finding out Colin Jost was coming to Brandeis: https://media.giphy.com/media/10dd4iomd5zLxK/giphy.gif

The day of the show I was pumped. After a full day of work and homework, I was so ready to get there! The gates opened at eight and we arrived around 8:30. While we were directed to the back of the upper level, my friend Merrick, the MVP of the night, spotted a few seats in the second and third rows!

My friends and I waiting for the show to start: https://media.tenor.com/images/7dac425a2882e62d03ef46300edc0bc4/tenor.gif

The show started right on time with the headliner. To be completely honest, I don’t remember his name, just that his set didn’t go too well. In general, at a small liberal arts school, with an audience full of hyper-liberal kids, jokes at the expense of women and poor people, or sarcastically celebrating pedophiles really aren’t gonna go over well. I would argue this concept is especially true for an audience of Brandeis students, especially during Parent’s Weekend. It was a set full of shocked faces and uncomfortable pity laughter, to say the least. I felt a little bad for the guy, he just didn’t read the room right that’s all! He even joked about it at the end of the set. At least he found humor in our shared social pain…right…?

During the first performance:

The Guy: https://media.giphy.com/media/erldqIniuBYo8/giphy.gif

The Audience: http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/lu.gif

The Guy: http://highstakesbassin.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Anchorman-2-The-L…

Everyone by the end:



When the first guy finally introduced Colin Jost, I think we all were relieved. Even Colin opened his set with a joke about how poorly the first guy did! His portion of the show, however, was awesome! He opened with a bunch “fun facts” about Brandeis, and poked fun at how hilariously lame we are. Since no one loves making fun of Brandeis and its students more than Brandeis students, that really warmed up the crowd. He then proceeded to tell a wide variety of funny stories about college, pop culture, politics, shenanigans with his fellow SNL cast members, and life as a 35-year-old. He was hilarious and definitely exceeded my expectations!

My friends and I when Colin came out:​https://media.giphy.com/media/10CFM1LAwlLtC0/giphy.gif

During the show:​https://media.giphy.com/media/jqvjMQPz7DtNm/giphy.gif


The show overall was a great experience and I would definitely go out of my way to see Colin Jost again if he was ever performing near me.

A huge thank you to the family weekend planning committee for planning this event!


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