Fall TV: Take a Peep at This Season’s Top Picks

The wind is stronger, the leaves are crunchier, and the new fall season is upon us. That means it’s time to bundle up with a nice chai latte and watch every single show that makes us warm and cozy on the inside. This season there are tons of TV shows to choose from, but careful, if you don’t pick the right show, you could be left crying in the corner with a cold latte (which are currently for sale at Starbucks in the library).

This season we will welcome back some classic shows:

60 min:”This sucker always makes you think.

Once Upon A Time:” Takes a new twist on the bedtime stories your parents used to reluctantly read to you.

Bones:” Crimes and love collide.

Glee:”After the passing of Cory Monteith, we must watch Ryan Murphy try to put the pieces back together.

Community:” Say your goodbyes now, it’s their last season.

New Girl:” Who’s got Schmidtitis?

The Voice:” This season Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green come back. Who’s too happy about that? We were digging the new Usher/Blake bromance and we enjoyed Shakira making up words to describe her contestants.

Real Housewives…of Everything:”  It doesn’t really matter where these housewives come from they all have too much plastic surgery.

Fall means a new school year and with that comes some new kids. The oldies are good, but we all know that with such a small school, we need some frosh. ABC, CBS, and NBC are racking in the newbies:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine:” NBC desperately clings to Andy Samberg as he plays a laid back detective forced to shape up with Andre Braugher from “Law and Order” as his new supervisor. The writers have also graced the pages of “Parks and Recreation,” so there’s some hope. This American comedy has some mixed reviews, so we ask that you make your own judgment.

Hostages:” CBS never really disappoints, especially when it comes to dramas. Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott star in this American adaptation of an original Israeli series. A rouge FBI agent kidnaps the family of a doctor who must perform a surgery of the President. Sounds promising.

The Crazy Ones:” Another promising show from CBS. This is a single-camera project starring Robin Williams in one of his first regular TV spots since 1982. The writers come from “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice.” Also starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The Michael J Fox Show:” Based partially on his own life struggle with Parkinson’s Disease, this sitcom focuses on a TV news anchor dealing with the big P while balancing his career and family life.

Super Fun Night:” Unfortunately, it’s a global consensus that Rebel Wilson will actually disappoint you in this new ABC show and you don’t want to waste your time watching these late 20’s gals hit up the town every Friday night.

It doesn’t matter what your cinematic pleasure is, this fall season will ring in a new school year and a whole new year of emotions. Hold on tight and don’t get too behind on your class readings- there’s always Netflix.