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A Fall Guide to Pumpkins and Spice at Brandeis


Halfway through fall and overwhelmed by Brandeis midterms, it might seem irrelevant to some, but for me, pumpkins and spice remain two flavors of comfort. Baked into a delicious warm desert, ready to pick you up even the longest of day, or mixed into a warm cup of coffee, that can make even the coldest of days just a bit more manageable. Here at Brandeis, we are fortunate enough to have options in our pumpkin spice endeavors, so here it is, the ultimate fall guide to pumpkins and spice.



For beverages, Starbucks takes the cake. Conveniently located in the Farber library, a team of Sodexo baristas are ready to brighten your day. Although the pumpkin spice latte remains a beloved classic, whether mixed with regular milk, whole or skim or substituted for a nondairy product, there are other options for people unsure about the latte. If lattes aren’t your thing, or it’s still just too warm for that steaming beverage, no need to fret, pumpkin spice frappuccinos are also available and delicious.



At Brandeis, there are several pumpkin desserts that immediately come to mind. First, the Dunkin Doughnuts pumpkin munchkins, (the smaller, cuter, rounder doughnut). For me, these munchkins were a new discovery and a lovely surprise. Sweet, yet full of flavor, everything a pumpkin spice munchkin should be, and more. These bite-sized bundles of joy could turn even the most skeptical pumpkin critic into a true pumpkin spice enthusiast. Now turning to the next, and possibly more well-known pumpkin dessert, the muffin. Here is Brandeis, we are given two options. Both are good, but in my opinion, one is better. Dunkin Doughnuts and Einstein Bagels compete for the number one ranking of best pumpkin muffin on campus. Dunkin Doughnuts has a good pumpkin muffin, full of delicious pumpkin flavor. However, as you eat, the muffin crumbles. Left with a messy pile of muffin bits scattered across the table, and left with the difficult decision of whether it’s worth it to pick at the pieces. The answer is no. Einstein Bagels takes the cake, as the clear winner. With an equally flavorful muffin, Einstein Bagels has the icing on the cake, literally. Topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting, this muffin has it all. So soft it never crumbles, and with the not too sweet, yet always delicious cream cheese frosting, it’s no wonder this muffin is number one. So if the day is long, and the Starbucks pumpkin spice beverage just isn’t enough, it’s only a short walk to the delicious pumpkin munchkins and a downhill stroll to the best muffins this fall.


Pumpkin spice all year long:

Like all good things, pumpkin spice season must eventually come to an end. Some, however, may find themselves wondering how to make this joy last all year. Just because fall must eventually come to an end, doesn’t mean pumpkins must too. King Arthur flour, offers wonderful baking mixes for pumpkin bread, muffins, scones, doughnuts, and even pancakes, all available online. At target, this fall, Kellogg’s is offering a limited edition pumpkin spice cereal, so stock up while supplies last. Starbucks sells pumpkin spice K-cups: a real last minute hero. Filled with a surprising amount of flavor, these will not disappoint! But, for the really determined, pumpkin spice addict, a long internet search could lead you to potential pumpkin spice syrups to add to your own coffee, lattes, or other beverages, on a daily basis.


Here at Brandeis, the pumpkin options are more than enough to keep a pumpkin spice lover satisfied all fall. For those who have never tried pumpkin spice, and for those like me, who just can’t live without pumpkin, a quick stop at Starbucks, Dunkin, or Einstein bagels, offers a plethora of tasty treats, and scrumptious sweets.

Abigail Galotti

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Hi, my name is Abbi. I am a sophomore at Brandeis, studying biology. I am excited to begin working with her campus, and look forward to exploring topics such as makeup, food, and fashion through my articles.
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