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Faith Broderick ’13

If you have ever been to a Brandeis Women’s Tennis match, then it is very likely that you have seen this week’s campus celebrity Faith Broderick ’13 destroying the competition. Broderick still finds time to ace her classes, to spend time with friends, and even to go running. See how this bubbly and outgoing campus celebrity manages it do it all and to also give back to the community.

Name: Faith Broderick
Year: 2013
Hometown: Washingtonville, New York
Major/Minor: International and Global Studies

Her Campus: What are you involved with on campus?

Faith Broderick: A lot of tennis. Well actually mostly tennis. We do a lot of volunteering like Acing Autism, teaching autistic children how to play tennis. I also volunteered for the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters program (http://www.jbbbs.org/).

HC: When did you start playing tennis?

FB: A looong time ago. I was ten years old. So I’ve basically been playing for a decade!

HC: Do you mostly play doubles or singles?

FB: I’ve played second singles and first doubles since freshman year. I love it!

HC: How do you manage to balance both academics and tennis?

FB: It’s definitely difficult. There are times when we are away for the whole weekend and doing work is impossible. There are also times when I need to miss a couple of classes for tournaments. Today I had practice for three hours! Sometimes it’s a long day, but that being said, I like it more when I have structure to my day.

HC: What made you decide to play tennis at Brandeis?

FB: I always knew I was going to play tennis in college, but it was just a matter of how much tennis I wanted to play versus what kind of school I was looking for. I also liked the feeling of a close community, so that’s why I chose Brandeis.

HC: What is the Brandeis tennis team like?

FB: Our team is one very close-knit family. We are all incredibly hard-workers, who love tennis and spend way too much time together. When you put us all in the same room, we are the loudest most energetic group of people you could possibly meet.

HC: Do you see yourself doing anything with tennis after Brandeis?

FB: I enjoy teaching tennis, and I have been a tennis camp counselor for five years. Maybe, I will continue to teach tennis, but, truthfull, I can’t myself doing much else with tennis after college. I will continue to play after I graduate because I’ve played for so long that I can’t imagine not playing!

HC: Are there any upcoming tennis events that readers can come watch you play in?

FB: Be sure to check out our next match on Thursday,  March 29th against Babson.

HC: If you could have any dream job, what would it be?

FB: My dream job is to oversee international trade, especially for small businesses.

HC: What do like to do off of the tennis court?

FB: I don’t have too much free time with tennis and school, but when I do, I absolutely love to spend time in the kitchen cooking. The current weather also allows me to go hiking – one of my favorite activities. Going on long runs is also on top of my list of activities I love doing.

HC: And finally, what’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

FB: I used to have chronic hiccups so I’d hiccup everyday!

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