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The Faculty Club: Five Star Dining on Campus

Do you ever feel that the food on campus is just not cutting it? After freshman year, it seems that one’s enthusiasm for Einstein’s, Sherman, and Usdan diminishes significantly. If only there was another dining hall…. If only there was a dining hall on campus with quality food. I have good news for you—there is!

The Faculty Club is the best-kept secret on campus. Many people are either not aware that it exists or do not realize that students are welcome to dine there alongside faculty. Personally, I eat at the faculty club nearly everyday during the week. The food is always fresh, plentiful, and delicious! It is located at the top of the staircase between the SCC and Sherman. The ambience is calm, semi-formal, and cheery thanks to the kind staff and the large ceiling-to-floor, sunny windows. President Fred Lawrence dines there often, and he always appears happy and jubilant! If it’s good enough for President Frederick M. Lawrence, it’s good enough for me.

You may be thinking, “the Faculty Club is probably really expensive and not on the meal plan”, right? That is exactly what I used to think before I was formally introduced to this wondrous dining location, however, it is often cheaper than Sherman and Usdan. And you can pay with points!

The Faculty Club has an amazing buffet each day, which is the most popular choice for both faculty and students. There is also a menu that offers nice sandwich, pasta, salad, and dessert options. When dining in, the Cold Buffet costs $7.99, and the Warm Buffet costs $9.99. Menu items vary in price. It is also possible to take food from the buffet in a to-go box, which only costs $5.99! It is a great option for students with very little time between classes or who want something quick to take back to their room.

The one downside to the Faculty Club is its hours. It is simply not open enough! Its hours are 12:00pm – 1:30pm on Monday – Friday.

  I challenge all of you to try the Faculty Club with a friend. You will likely become a loyal customer once you discover this hidden gem!

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