Expectations vs. Reality of Spring Break

Now, that the spring break is over and classes are starting, everyone is talking about what they did over the break. If you stayed home like I did, we start out saying the break will be productive but then it turns out not to be. Here I have common expectations versus realities about staying home during spring break.

  1. Expectation: You will see all your friends from home

Best Friends Hug GIF by Alex Bedder

Reality: Your friends from home are busy with college, because they don’t have off when you do and are still in schoolLonely Emma Pillsbury GIF

  1. Expectation: You will get a head start on work

Women Studying GIF by US National ArchivesReality: You decide it’s better to catch up on shows that you missedNetflix Television GIF by Party Legends

  1. Expectation: You will read over break

Cozy Sarah Chalke GIF by HULU

Reality: You instead binge watch Netflix

Bored Edward Norton GIF

  1. Expectation: You will wake up early

Tired Wake Up GIF by Emma DarvickReality: You wake up at 1 pmwaking up no GIF

  1. Expectation: You will exercise to get in shape for summer

Sailor Moon Exercise GIF

Reality: You decide it’s better to just sleep

Tired Jet Lag GIF