Event Recap: Her Campus x Primark Student Night

Two Wednesday nights ago, Her Campus hosted a fantastic Student Night at the Primark in Downtown Crossing, bringing a large mass of college students to the store to promote and celebrate Her Campus. Here are some highlights from the event!​


I arrived about 15 minutes before the start of the event and was surprised to see a long line of people waiting on the street outside of the store. Friends and family gathered outside of the main doors to wait for the event as Primark and Her Campus took some footage for their social media platforms.


Upon finally entering the lobby, Her Campus officials welcomed us to the event and took down our names. As music blasted throughout the first floor, the first 50 students with college IDs received Primark bags and gift cards, and Her Campus campus writers received special gift cards (Woooo! Everyone should write for Her Campus!).


After roaming around the first floor, I made my way to the second floor to see what festivities were taking place. There was a table with a stylist drawing the people waiting in line in different fashion styles. I was super impressed by the art she produced and her designs.​

By far the coolest part of the event was The Edible Photo Booth on the second floor. While I gave a big smile in front of a Her Campus x Primark backdrop, a Primark employee snapped a photo of me. Five minutes later, I was holding a delicious cookie with the photo on it. Event attendees walked away with a cute giveaway and a delicious treat.​

As I entered the third floor, I was greeted by great music, a hair braiding station, and even more Primark sales and specials, tying the entire event together.​


Overall, the event was fabulous - Her Campus welcomed many college students to get to know the organization and explore Primark in Downtown Crossing. There was were so many cute activities, small giveaways, and Primark sales happening throughout the store that left attendees leaving the store with a bunch of new Primark merch and huge smiles on their faces.