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End of Semester Five Stages of Grief

The school year is coming to a close, and it can be hard to understand that emotional roller-coaster you must be riding! With a little help from the Five Stages of Grieving and everybody’s favorite queen, Beyoncé, we can understand all those emotions. 

1. Denial

It seems impossible that yesterday wasn’t late August and we were all moving in, ready to start a new year at the best university ever. Where did all the months go?! 

2. Anger

This is not fair. I didn’t pay tens of thousands of dollars for this short of a school year! Who decided to end the year in May?

3. Bargaining

I personally promise to go to every single recitation next semester if I can just have one more night to spend with my friends.  

4. Depression

What am I going to do all summer without all my favorite Brandeisians? Without Starbucks in Goldfarb? Without the food truck at midnight?

5. Acceptance

I guess a change of scenery could be okay. And I’ll be back in three months, ready for another Best Year Ever!


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