Emotional Stages of Being Sick at College

Being sick at school is the WORST. College is a giant petri dish, so we all are bound to catch whatever is going around eventually. Between homesickness and FOMO, here are a few of the ways we process cold/flu season.


When you know you’re being exposed to ~the germs~.


When you know you’re getting sick but are high-key in denial.


After your first official sneeze.


Waking up for class, congested af.


Trying to hold in a cough in class…


...And then finally letting them rip.


Hangin with bae while sick.


Trying to go out when you’re sick.


Going home early bc that was dumb, you’re sick.


Feeling massive FOMO since everyone went out and you. are. Sick.


Being social again once your plague has passed.