Dorm Makeover: Second Semester Edition

When your bedroom is also your entire home, it’s important that your

  1. Clean it Up!

There is something particularly overwhelming about living in clutter. We have our lives confined into such small spaces and it is so easy for messes to quickly get out of hand. Not to sound like your parents but, just clean it up! Maximize your space by boxing up your summer clothes and re-organize your closet for all your winter gear.

  1. Move Sh*t Around

    Sometimes a little change of scenery is all your need. Try placing your desk closer to the window to get a little more natural light at your work desk and maybe try to raise or lower your bed to a new height. These a such small adjustments, but they can really change the feel of your room!

  1. Get a Wall Calendar

Now that we’re all settled in our extra curricular activities, jobs, and classes, it’s really easy to overbook yourself and forget/ miss out on a meeting or plans with friends. Make or purchase a large calendar to put on your door. That way, when you leave your room in the morning you’re reminded of your commitments for the day. If you’re feeling really crazy, you can even color code it and be super on top of your ish.   

  1. Make a Tea Station

    My suite-mate and I made a designated communal tea area in our common room at the beginning of this semester. It is so cozy and fun to make tea together after a long day of classes and our friends use it too whenever they come over. This tip is perfect for the chilly winter ahead of us!

  1. Invest in Aromatherapy

    I brought back an essential oil diffuser after winter break and am loving what it’s doing for my mood. This thing works better than my tiny electric fragrance warmer and doesn’t use any of the harsh chemicals. Not only does my room smell amazing, but it affects my overall mood and productivity when I’m working as well. SUCH a game changer.  

  1. Bring on the Fuzzy Blankets

    It’s cold. Grab your favorite throw, a cup of tea, and spend your weekend cuddling with friends. Need I say any more?

  1. Get a Plant

    When it’s so gloomy and grey outside, having a little life in your room can really make all the difference. Several of my friends have purchased small, low maintenance plants like flowers, aloe vera or succulents. It is so therapeutic to tend to and care for plants and they brighten and beautify your space as a whole.  

  1. Mood Lighting

    I recently learned how much lighting affects my mood and productivity. Spending so much time under fluorescent lights can induce migraines, not to mention they are a real mood killer. Try to leave the lights off during the day to utilize natural light (and save the earth) for as long as you can buy a set of cheap Christmas lights to hang in your room for a more relaxing work space.