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When you first get to University, declaring a major might seem daunting. How are you supposed to tell other people what you want to study when YOU don’t even know what you want to study?? That’s some crazy talk!!


But then your first semester is done and you’ve made it! You’ve survived! And suddenly you start to feel like you’re actually getting a feel for this whole “college thing”. Time to start researching potential majors! So you pick yourself up, and go “be an adult”.


But wait! THAT’S a major?? What do you mean can also choose minors?? There are so many cool things! What if the one you pick is wrong?? What if you mess up your entire life with this one decision?? OH NO, YOU CAN’T DO THIS!!

Something like this might be running through your head but DON’T WORRY! You have time! Just take a breath, and go enjoy being undeclared for another semester. No rush my friend, no rush at all.


Once you’ve taken your breath, enjoyed being undeclared for a little longer, it’s now time to revisit this whole “declaring a major”, “being responsible” thing. But don’t worry, you can do it.


Make that meeting with your professor! Show them all the hard work you’ve done to get to this point! Brag a little! You’ve worked hard and now look at you, knowing what you want to study like a real freaking college kid!!


And now, it’s time to celebrate. You are officially a declared college student. Ready to take on the world (just remember that the job search starts sooner than you think).


Campus Coordinator at Brandeis University 
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