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A Day in The Life of a Brandeis Student

Surely each Brandeis student is unique—yet, along with our idiosyncrasies we also have daily schedules.  These schedules bring us to the same places and often at the same times.  Here is a rough tracing of a day in the life of a student at Brandeis.  

  • Wake up to the racket of garbage trucks (Rosiefolk you know what I mean)
  • Finish homework that you left incomplete because you spent hours in Usdan with your best friend instead (the worst frivoling happens at the C store)
  • Leave dorm (a mess)
  • Bump into several people hugging in the middle of the narrow pathways (usually near the library or Usdan)
  • Grab quick breakfast at a dining hall or market
  • Show up to class 
  • Don’t talk/contribute ever OR give an oration each time the teacher poses a question (there’s only two types of students in the world [Britney voice])
  • Time for lunch—misplaced your card once again
  • Have your friend waste a guest meal on you
  • Tacos.  Always tacos. (I google searched “sh**ty tacos” for this image
  • Oh crap your card was in your pocket the entire time!
  • Now you owe your friend points at the C store
  • Delay and plan to leave lunch at 1:59pm for your class at 2pm
  • End up skipping your class 
  • Sit there for another hour talking with friends 
  • Gym, club meetings, or homework at night (or all three) then wake up and do it again

What do you think?  Am I inaccurate? Probably.  Email me at n.hercampus@yahoo.com with a better “A Day in The Life” and I’ll post it next week.  You can even make it special, specific to you! (ex: A Day in The Life of a Theatre Major) 


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