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Danny Lubarsky ’16

Majors: B.S in Neuroscience, Biology, Psychology

Hometown: Born in Jerusalem but moved to Cleveland when I was 11 years old

On-Campus Activities: Varsity Tennis Team, Jewish Big Brother Big Sister, Global Brigades


Her Campus: Where would you have gone to college if you did not choose Brandeis?

Danny Lubarsky: Kenyon College

HC: How do you like being on the Brandeis Men’s tennis team?

DL: I love it. Those guys are my second family and Coach Lamanna is the best coach you could ask for.

HC: How would you describe your relationship with the underclassmen on the team?

DL: Very good. As an upperclassmen I try to help out whenever I can.

HC: If you could date anyone on your team who would it be?

DL: Alec Siegel

HC: Who on the team would you never let your daughter date?

DL: Brian Granoff 

HC: Who on the team would you let date your daughter?

DL: I hope no one. If it came down to it, it would be Michael Arguello 

HC: What do you do when your not playing tennis, off season?

DL: In the off time I am probably watching movies or playing video games with the suitemates

HC: Who’s your biggest rival?

DL: Bates

HC: Who on the women’s team would you let your son date?

DL: Sarah Chung

HC: Who on the women’s team would you never let your son date?

DL: Maya Vasser

HC: Who on the women’s team (past or present) would you marry?

DL: Marissa Lazar in a heartbeat

HC: How do you feel about this upcoming season?

DL: I feel really good. We lost no starters from last year and acheived a national ranking for the first time in a long time. Everyone put in a ton of work in the off-season, getting healthier and stronger, and it’s going to pay off for this season.

HC: What match are you looking forward to the most?

DL: NYU, we need to get redemption from last year.

HC: Who’s the funniest person in the locker room?

DL: Tie between Alec Siegel and Ryan Bunis

HC: Who’s the funniest person in yoga?

DL: Brian Granoff for obvious reasons

HC: Who’s the most emotional teammate?

DL: Hands down Ethan Saal

HC: Previous Injuries?

DL: Fractured left wrist, tendonitis in both ankles, tendonitis in both knees, paper cut in left index finger

HC: Out of all of your fellow Brandeis science students, who would you hire as your surgeon?

DL: Jake Picard

HC: Who would you let your kid be coached by Little League?

DL: Sam Miller

HC: Who is your most emotional roommate?

DL: Conor Lanahan

Fun Facts

Single or Taken: Single

Boxers or Briefs: Briefs

Favorite Jam: Beautiful Soul Jessie McCartney 

Favorite Movie: Gone Girl

Favortie Fast Food: Chiptole

Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King 

Most attractive quality in a girl: Being able to hold a conversation, intelligence, and a sense of humor

Dream date: Max Berner

Celeb Crush: Katy Perry

Favorite pop band: Destiny’s Child… Say My Name

Hardest workout you’ve had at Gosman: Lamanna got in a bad mood… made it his purpose to make us all puke. The plate pushes never ended…


Sherman or Usdan: Sherman any day of the week

Favorite place on campus: Rosie North

Ever Sherman Shop: Once or twice

Favorite C-store snag: The containers of candy that no longer exist

Favorite meal from Usdan: Stir Fry

Favorite on-campus event: Purim

Brandeis Parties… what are your thoughts: They are what you make of it. As long as you are with the right people they could be a really great time.

If you could eat lunch with anyone in the world who would it be: Give me my Captains back: Dave Yovanoff, Steven Milo, Joshua Jordan

There you have it! The god honest truth from a science scholar by day and Rafa Nadal by night. Here is a list of all of the home matches this March. Come and support a great group of humanbeings! 






Repping the 305. From Miami to Boston. Likes: House music, Tuna Fish, Rom Coms, Sunshine Dislikes: Track, Roller coasters, Snakes
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