Crushin' on Brandeis Compliments

Social media, while more often than not the site of controversy, newsfeeds of opinion, and judgment, has recently taken a turn at Brandeis thanks to one page. Brandeis Crushes and Compliments began posting an abundance of compliments, pieces of admiration from afar, and generally words of positivity and self-love.

“I was having a really bad day but when I saw it, I was so happy and grateful to have such amazing friends in my life,” junior, Mara Siegman recalls when she received an anonymous shoutout. At a time when stress due to midterms is high, self-care consequently undervalued, and when any words of encouragement are welcome, Brandeis Crushes and Compliments compiles the beautiful thoughts of our peers with little advertising necessary.  Who knew that all we needed was just a little nudge to spread a whole lot of love?!


Check out what Brandeis Crushes and Compliments had to say!

BW: It looks like there have been several pages like this in the past, all of which have gone inactive, what made you decide to reactivate this concept?

Brandeis Crushes and Compliments: I agree with you that many similar pages have gone inactive, but that is exactly why I decided to reactivate this page. We are all here sucked into our own hectic schedules, exams, and assignments that we do not go out of our way to make another person's day better. This page, however, gives you the convenient opportunity to sincerely compliment someone to brighten their day. Isn't that great?

BW: How many compliments are sent on a daily basis?

Brandeis Crushes and Compliments: We've been getting so many compliments that we needed to upload a new link to receive the compliments since the old link reached its quota- it's that many.

BW: What do you hope for students to gain out of a page like this?

Brandeis Crushes and Compliments: I sincerely hope that this page will remain active throughout the years and I will be working on creating a chain of students in different classes to ensure it remains active.

Senior, Emma Jannsen summarizes well, “it was really nice to get some anonymous support from someone at Brandeis. And it’s great to see my fellow classmates getting tons of support.”