Creating a Productive and Inspiring Living Space

During the school year, your dorm room is your home, which means it’s somewhere you want to feel comfortable. It’s a space entirely your own (with the exception of a roommate or two), and while you don’t have the liberty to paint rainbows across the walls, you do have the liberty to decorate it however you want. Let your personality fill up every corner and make it a reflection of your passions and pursuits. A strong home base is essential for keeping you productive and inspired throughout the year.


Have a Supply of School Materials

When you only have one room, your bedroom doubles as your office. Keep productive by keeping your desk well-stocked with paper (blank and lined), pens, highlighters, scissors, tape, and more Post-Its than you know what to do with. Buy containers to organize all of these supplies and try to limit the distractions on your desktop.



Display Your Memories

Bring a little bit of your life back home to your new one on campus with photographs of friends and family. As the months go on at school, you can add new ones you take throughout the school year to make one big collage of your life. Similarly, hang on to ticket stubs, posters, and pieces of memorabilia from events through the year and pin them up alongside all the pics.



Stay Inspired

College can get real hectic real quick, and oftentimes students are left feeling burnt out. When this happens, use your dorm as a place to recharge. Keep some of your favorite books on hand, scrawl your favorite quotes onto a marker board, or cut up old magazines and make a vision board. Surrounding yourself with positive visuals is a great way to keep your spirits up.