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Craving Coffee?

Craving a cup of coffee? Then look no further! Here I present your guide to navigating Brandeis’ coffee selections. Luckily, we have lots of places to purchase the tantalizing drink here at Brandeis, each one great and unique for a different reason!

Einstein’s: This is my favorite option for coffee at Brandeis. Whether you intend to grab a cup on your way to class, or to sit for a while with a book or newspaper, Einstein’s is the ideal spot. Its café-style seating makes it both a relaxing and social spot on campus – plus, it can’t hurt that they serve delicious bagels, salads, and tasty pastries! In addition, their seasonal lattes are delightful choices for embracing each new season.
The C Store/V Store: The best option at Brandeis for an on-the-go cup of joe! They generally offer two brews of coffee a day, a decaf and a flavored option, and a large selection of teas.  Lines move quickly, so I highly recommend you pick up your coffee at one of these P.O.D. markets if you’re rushing to class or a meeting! 
Usdan/Sherman: Naturally, if you’re eating in one of these dining halls, you’ll want to grab your java right there! Perfect if, like me, you love to have a cup of coffee to accompany your meals. Both Usdan and Sherman serve decaf, flavored, and regular brews, but only Usdan offers an iced option. Both dining halls tend to run out of coffee if you come later to a meal, but no worries, because Einsteins is right near Sherman, and the C-Store is just a few steps away from Lower Usdan!
Olin-Sang: Perfect for those hectic afternoons when you’re stuck in class after class in the Rabb area. Olin-Sang houses Brandeis’ newest coffee shop, located just before the intersection of Olin-Sang and Mandel. Offering coffees, teas, sandwiches, and pastries, it’s no wonder that students flood to this spot between classes!  It’s quick, convenient, and I promise you won’t be disappointed if you pick up a chocolate croissant with your next cup of joe.

Java City in the Heller School: I only recently discovered this little nook of the Heller School, from the advice of a friend! This hidden gem serves gourmet options for coffee – they have syrups in practically every flavor, including cinnamon roll, mint, chocolate, and caramel!  The staff is friendly and the seating area is cozy, so I definitely recommend you check it out soon. Bring a book, a friend, or just an eagerness to try a new flavor of coffee, and head on over to the Heller School! 

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