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Couple Edition: Sam Mintz and Julia Dougherty ’15

Year: 2015


Julia Dougherty: Sociology

Sam Mintz: Politics


Julia Dougherty: Highland Park, NJ

Sam Mintz: Arlington, MA

Her Campus: What are you involved with on campus?

Julia Dougherty: Brandeis Labor Coalition

Sam Mintz: I’m an editor on the Justice and on the E-Board of the Club Soccer Team

HC: When did you meet?

JD: Freshman year, through a friend

SM: We met freshman year, Julia was from the same town as the guy who lived next door to me and we met through him

HC: How did he ask you out?

JD: I actually asked him out

SM: We just kind of were hanging out for a while and eventually decided we were dating

HC: Best moment together?

JD: Spending New Years in Israel two years ago

SM: Spending New Years Eve together in New York City last year.

HC: Favorite date?

JD: When we went to art museums in Amsterdam while abroad

SM: Staying in, getting takeout, and playing Super Smash Bros

HC: What is your favorite thing about each other?

JD: I love how he gives really good advice 

SM: My favorite thing about Julia is how ridiculously intelligent she is

HC: Best Valentine’s Day memory?

JD: Valentine’s day has never really been a big thing for us

SM: I can’t think of one, maybe she can?

HC: Valentine’s Day plans for this year?

JD: Going out to dinner in Boston

SM: We’re going out to dinner on Thursday, to beat the weekend crowds

HC: Favorite gift?

JD: He gave me a mug with Shakespearean insults on it

SM: She gave me an awesome Star Wars t-shirt for my birthday



JD: Taken 

SM: Inception


JD: The Kooks 

SM: I have a soft spot for Taylor Swift

Spot on campus:

JD: Mandel 

SM: The Justice Office

Date food:

JD: Pancakes 

SM: Chicken sandwiches

Favorite restaurant in Waltham:

JD: Joseph’s II

SM: The Mad Raven

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