Change is Good?

What do they say? Be the change you want to be in the world? Ch-ch-ch changes? Goodbye yellow brick road? Whatever it is, Brandeis has taken this attitude and enabled some changes around campus. Some of the most notable:

·      No more Aramark- hello Sodexo!

·      Bran van? No, Joseph’s Transportation!

·      Is it just me, or do the Brandeis Police seem a bit more active on Friday and Saturday nights?

·      LTS helped to install a brand new wireless connection- have you…wified?

I spoke with two Brandeis Students about the new Deis changes and their true feelings regarding each. Lisa Galperin, a senior majoring in Economics, minoring in Business and Theater. and Mustapha Isa, a senior majoring in Computer Science, gave their opinions on the new additions to our campus.



Lisa: I haven’t really compared prices so I don’t know if it is actually cheaper. It obviously isn’t Russo prices, so that’s nice.  I don’t really get why there is a Starbucks and a Dunkin Donuts. Do we really need both? I think it’s a bit much.

Mustapha: I like that they have retained most of the working population; I like seeing the same people. We have developed a relationship with them. With that said, Sherman seems to have improved, although it is a bit pricy, but Usdan has plummeted. They have an entire station devoted to meatballs.

Lisa: R.I.P.  Salmon and Mango Sauce.



Lisa: The amount of bran vans and Joseph’s has definitely increased, but I feel like they are always late. I know they are supposed to have trackers but they don’t work, which just makes it even more frustrating. Also people often wave the vans down. If you aren’t going to pick them up, then at least be on time.

Mustapha: The bran vans are still a bit disappointing but the shuttles to Boston/Cambridge are nice. They are definitely on time but they seem a bit smaller.

Lisa: The shuttle to Riverside is ridiculous. It runs for two days in the middle of the week and only for three hours. How are we supposed to take advantage of that? At least do it on a popular day like Friday, to get into the city. I don’t get it.


Mustapha: The mods are always dead! What happened? I feel like it’s a war zone, no one is ever there on Friday/Saturday nights.

Lisa: Yeah, and if there is a party, the cops come at like midnight! People aren’t even loitering outside!



Mustapha: As someone who works for LTS, I think that the new wireless is awesome. Essentially, you can connect anywhere but I guess you can’t really see the difference unless you see the structural difference. Just trust me, it’s good.

Lisa: Unless, you’re me. I can never get a connection.

There were some good things, and mostly bad things to say about these new additions, but Lisa and Mustapha did agree on one thing: we need time. There is no way to truly evaluate the efficiency of these changes until we have spent some significant time getting used to all of them. But seriously, is there any way we can get our salmon and mango suace back? Séance anyone?