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Cedric Jean-Philippe ’17

Hometown: Peabody, MA

Year: 2017

Majors/Minors: Biology Major, Chemistry Minor

Her Campus: Why did you choose Brandeis?

Cedric Jean-Phillipe: I guess you could call it intuition, but I felt like Brandeis would be the college where I could grow the most and make progress towards being the man that I’d like to be.

HC: What activities are you involved in on campus?

CJP: Currently, I am a teaching assistant in the Biology department. In my spare time, I practice with my dance group and play intramural sports with my buddies. Last, but not least, I run Jaded, a publication centered around the minority experience.

HC: Why did you join Jaded and what does it mean to you?

CJP: I kinda joined it on a whim to be honest. I saw promotions from the club a week prior, so it was definitely on my mind. However, on that Wednesday night, I found out that my friend was going, so I decided to tag along with her. If she didn’t go, I don’t think I would have gone that night either. Attending that meeting happened to be one of the best decisions of my Brandeis career.

Jaded means a lot to me. It’s a club that I think has an underrated presence on campus. I recently found out that a few courses have featured Jaded pieces in their coursework! It was truly a shock to hear. I want Jaded to be a safe space for those who have something to say about the experiences that have shaped them. So far, that’s what it has meant to me.

HC: What is something on your Brandeis bucket list?

CJP: I want to gather my closest friends and have a picnic on Chapels Field!

HC: What are your plans after graduation?

CJP: I plan on entering Medical School, but not without taking a much needed gap year!

HC: What advice do you have for new and incoming students?

CJP: The problem is often not the problem itself, but your attitude about the problem. Solving any problem all starts from how you perceive it in the first place.

HC: Describe yourself in three words.

CJP: Charmer. Maverick. Seeker

HC: Guilty pleasure?

CJP: Gold Mini-Cupcakes

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

CJP: Emma Watson

HC: What’s something most people don’t know about you?

CJP: I can do a full split.

HC: Best memory at Brandeis?

CJP: There have been way too many memories to name. I think any memory that involves me understanding another human being a bit better could qualify!


Band: Fall Out Boy

Movie: Forrest Gump

Spot on campus: Library

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