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Buddy Heart

Name: Buddy Heart

Favorite Color: Blood Red

Favorite Food: The Free Pizza at the Blood Drive

Celebrity Crush: Melissa Joan Hart, she would barely have to change her last name!

First heartbreak: It wasn’t a heartbreak, it was just an arrhythmia.

First donation: I just got to Brandeis last month; this is my first Blood Drive, who’s going to be there to hold my hand?

Favorite Blood Type: O- The Universal Donor

Favorite Blood Donors On Campus: those special few who donate and volunteer, you know who you are

Why Should Students Partake In The Blood Drive: So many reasons— One pint of blood saves up to three adult lives or 5 babies! Or the free food, cool raffle items, and representatives from local organizations.

Favorite Part Of The Blood Drive: I’m pumped for the whole thing!

Worst Part Of The Blood Drive: When it ends and I have to go into storage until the next drive, I’ll miss you all!

Important Blood Drive Info:

The 1st Annual Boston Strong Blood Drive will be held in Upper Sherman Function hall from April 8th-10th (Tues, Wen, Thurs) from 11:00 am- 5:00 pm.

To sign up to donate: tinyurl.com/BostonStrongBloodDrive

To sign up to volunteer: tinyurl.com/BostonStrongVolunteer

There will be free food for all donors and volunteers, a raffle with some amazing prizes (Running shoes donated from Topo Athletics, Sailing Lessons, Signed Red Sox Picture), and so much more!!!

All proceeds will be donated to One Fund Boston, ‘Who Says I Can’t’, and Miles for Marc:


Repping the 305. From Miami to Boston. Likes: House music, Tuna Fish, Rom Coms, Sunshine Dislikes: Track, Roller coasters, Snakes
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