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Since I can remember brunch has always been my favorite meal. It has all of my favorite savory flavors from lunch but the comfort and ease of breakfast. In college, Brunch makes even more sense to me as it can please just about everyone, the timing is flexible and is the perfect pick me up before holing up in the library. However sometimes leaving the dorm can be such a struggle, but that’s no reason to stop brunching, with these recipes brunch will always be just moments (and steps) away from your bed!


Avocado Toast

You have to start with the millennial brunch classic, avocado toast. Not only is this a pretty healthy option compared to most of the food offered to college students, it is easy to keep the ingredients on hand in your dorm. Here is a dorm-friendly version but feel free to make it even fancier!


French Toast

Impress your friends, mom, or even just yourself by whipping up a batch of this dorm friendly french toast spin-off! It has all the flavors of this classic dish but is prepared in a short 5 minutes and no kitchen is needed.


Such an easy breakfast food that will totally make your dorm brunch Pinterest-worthy. Get creative with the toppings and mason jars, or red solo cups, all will work perfectly for preparing this dish! Some topping ideas include chia seeds, a monochrome fruit color-scheme (e.g. strawberries and raspberries), seasonal fruit for your region, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, different flavors of yogurt, and of course granola.

Breakfast Potatoes

Breakfast potatoes are the main reason to even wake up for breakfast right? They aren’t getting forgotten just because you went to college. Use this handy hack to learn how to cook potatoes in your microwave. Use your favorite seasonings (rosemary, salt and pepper, sriracha) to up the breakfast potatoes game.



This dish is the ultimate cook simply, look pretty, dish. Even the name enhances your meal tenfold “come to hall 8, we have quiche”. It’s also a creative way to get in a lot of the veggies that may be missing in your college diet. So take a day or a few to be fancy AF with this simple dish.

Latte Foam

Half the reason for actually getting out of bed on the weekends is for the fancy coffee drinks that a Keurig just cannot make. With this life hack, you will be able to enjoy your coffee drinks with as much foam as possible all from the comfort of your dorm.

Cover Photo courtesy of Nazia A – https://www.foodiesfeed.com/free-food-photo/sunny-side-up-breakfast-pan/

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Kalianni is a Junior at Brandeis majoring in American Studies and minoring in HSSP and Legal Studies. When she isn't writing for HerCampus she can be found traveling, face timing her dog, or eating copious amounts of tacos.
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