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Bronte Velez ’16

Hometown: Atlanta, GA.

Major/minor: Hoping to do an interdisciplinary study with Applied Theatre and Peace and Conflict Studies with a double minor in Afro-American Studies and Social Justice and Social Policy.

You’re known to be quite the dancer, how did you get into dancing as a child? Or if it was later in life, what was the inspiration?

I actually would just see the dancers at my church dance and I expressed an interest in it to my parents. I was only three years old. From there, I danced just in my church until about 11 when I began to receive formal training at a performing arts middle school. At 13, I attended a performing arts high school and started training with a pre-professional dance school outside of school where I attribute most of my love for dancing and my understanding of it.

That’s incredible! Dancing seems to be a huge part of your life, do you dance on campus? 

I do! I’m with the Dance Ensemble in conjunction with Adagio Dance Company and this semester I joined the hip-hop dance group on campus, Kaos Kids.

How has being involved with these clubs enhanced your Brandeis experience? 

My senior year of high school I was sure I was going to school for dance but I was interested in the Posse scholarship that was associated with a couple of schools in which none had a reputable dance major. When I got Posse in December of 2011, I got worried that I would never dance again but luckily I’ve had awesome outlets to not only dance but also create my own work with other dancers. I really am glad that I have not had to stop and that dance is still a large part of my life.

Are you involved in any other clubs on campus?

I’m also a part of the Vocal poetry team on campus and I am very into spoken word and poetry! 

So spring season is coming up, what are you most excited about?

Is it ok for me to say Pachanga?! Everyone tells me it’s a wild night so I’m kind of exciting to dance my legs off. I am also really excited for the campus to be sunny and beautiful again. It brings up people’s spirits and everyone is just generally happier. I very much miss the heat!

Favorite movie?

My favorite movie…I am an avid movie watcher so this will be difficult. I’ll go with Pan’s Labyrinth or Amelie. Two of my very favorite movies. 

Favorite TV show?

I love Parks and Recreation and The Office. Comedy gets me going.

Favorite nail color?

My favorite nail color is either a maroon or a seafoam green. I recently got a manicure with Shellac nail polish and my nails were perfect for about a month. Definitely worth your money!

One thing you can’t live without?

Art. It is the reason I am living.


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