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Bright, Bold Bottoms

Celebrate the oncoming warmer weather with pants that reflect your uplifted mood! Don’t deny it– the greener grass, budding flowers, and seemingly bluer skies are getting to you (hopefully the allergies aren’t!). A huge trend is colored denim and pants in a wide array of hues, from fire-truck red to blue jay blue to pretty pastel pink. As long as you work with the color of the jeans, putting together a fierce outfit is easy.

4 Easy Ways to Rock the Bold Bottom:

1) Pair with neutrals. Think of your jeans as the centerpiece of your outfit, the highlight. Crisp whites, cognac browns, and stark blacks work really well, but so do pastels. Have fun and broaden the possibilities of the “neutral” to include patterns to add variety to your outfit. If you’re a beginner, try to create balance in your outfit by having your bag and shoes be the same color, or your belt and shoes. This will help you transition into the world of crazy colored bottoms without feeling like a Dylan’s Candy-shop lollipop.

Both of our lovely Brandeisian models opted to neutralize their jeans with black and white. Jeralyn Hawes ’12 exudes cute comfort with her Converse, graphic T, and black blazer. Christy Kang ’13 drips casual chic with her black leather flats, contrasting white and black round collared shirt, and anorak. Insert the photos here

2) Pair with a contrasting color. Fun color combinations include yellow bottoms with cobalt blue shoes, and pink skinnies with a denim button-down.

3) Pair two hues of the same family. Think reds and pinks, darker hues with lighter hues. Accessorize with a complementary colored bag , and a neutral shoe.

4) Go monotone. One of my favorite looks of the moment is the monotone look in bold colors. Just think of the visual impact of skinny jeans and a tank in varying shades of mint. For this look, your shoes, bag, and accessories should serve to neutralize the outfit, and also be more or less of one color. Nudes, blacks, and golds work really well for this.

Wondering where you can get your hands on a pair of these confidence-boosting babies? Good news: this trend is so popular that most retailers have them in some form or another. Check out Forever21, Urban Outfitters, and American Eagle Outfitters for a decent selection of bright denim. If you are gravitating towards a sleeker, less casual look, shop J. Crew’s selection. They have pants in fun colors like “neon rose” and “bright sun”. Already bought your colored bright, bold bottoms? Share how you outfit your denim in the comments below.

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