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Breaking Out of the Brandeis Bubble: Mount Cardigan, New Hampshire

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brandeis chapter.

This past weekend, I attended College Outside’s “College Get Outside Weekend”, an intercollegiate outing event with several colleges from the Boston area. The event was held at the AMC Cardigan Lodge. We only had to pay $25 for the whole weekend, which included a 2 night’s stay, tacos, s’mores, and loads of fun! Though some, like me, had trouble snowshoeing up the snowy steep Mount Cardigan, the main purpose is to get out there with nature. It was a great way to detox from all the stress built up throughout the week full of midterms, midterms, and even more midterms.

College Outside planned several events. Some decided to go rock climbing, but unfortunately, unexpected weather conditions made for some unsteady rock formations. The group still had a blast because everyone got to meet new people. During the afternoon, they provided leadership training with students who wanted to enhance their pre-existing mountain clubs.  Though mostly seniors and juniors partook in this, some sophomores were trying to make connections and gain valuable resources to help their respective school’s clubs gain more opportunities for outdoor fun.

For hikes, there were two trips: Hike up Mt Cardigan, or Lonesome Lake North Kinsman Hike. I will definitely hike the Lonesome Lake Trail next time I’m up in NH! Where will your adventures lead you? Get outside and find out!


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