Breaking Out of the Brandeis Bubble: Harvard Square

Many people on campus have problably been to Harvard Square, but it's likely they are missing out on all the shops and sites this area has to offer. On Friday and Saturday nights, the Brandeis shuttle is swarmed with enthusiastic Brandeisians ready for the night to begin. Harvard Square is a busy stop, but most get off to take the MBTA Train to transfer to different locations and seldom have a nice night outing in beautiful Square.

Besides the prestigious Harvard Yard swarmed with kids and adults rubbing the feet of the statue of a founder, John Harvard, for good luck, there are a host of other locations that will vie for your attention.

1) BerryLine is a fierce competitor against PinkBerry. Check out their website: From Yelp, there are a plethora of positive 5 star reviews, so you’re bound to sink into consumer preference.

2) Look out for Mike’s Pastry opening next semester confirmed here: Their current and only location that has been operating for 60 years (Now that’s a great business!) is in North End, so the convenience for Brandeisians to grab desserts would be ten times better. For those that have never tried Mike’s Pastry’s, they specialize in Italian pasties like classics, cannoli’s, lobster tail’s and crème puffs, and other café styled items such as coffee, croissants, muffins, and cappuccinos.

3) The Maharaja: Find amazing Indian Food located less than five minute walk from where the Brandeis Shuttle stops. Be sure to check out their Lunch Buffet hours that run on both weekdays and weekends.

4) If you’re a big fan of reading, be sure to check out Raven Used Books, where the books are so cheap, around 50-80% off the cover price. The first time I went I bought three books, which I rarely buy in stores anymore because of the availability and cheaper versions found on amazon. However, these prices compare/or is lower than amazon and is quite useful in classes I’m taking. For example, the way the store is organized is nice because it directly relates to academic subjects you are most likely taking: For me, it was Anthropology, International and Global Studies, and Linguistics. They offer so many sections and so much variety. Can you tell I rave about this place? Check it out:

Good luck and Happy Adventures!