Brandon Miskin '18

Hometown: Needham, MA

Major(s): Business

Minor(s): Economics

Why Brandeis?

BM: I took an extra year of high school (post grad year) because I was injured for most of my high school career. I took this extra year to get healthy and play soccer and try to get some better grades under my belt. Brandeis reached out to recruit me and I couldn’t pass up the academic experience. The soccer program here is great and frankly, it was the best school I could have gotten in to.

Short and Sweet, a two-sentence summary of Student Grounds, go.

BM: Student Grounds is an online student marketplace to buy and sell products and services just within your specific campus. The main objective of SG is to offer college students a simple but extremely helpful resource for students to make money, save money, and stay on campus through student to student transactions.

How did Student Grounds begin?

BM: At the beginning of my freshman year I wanted to create a huge social network for college students. I hated latte. I wanted to create a platform that was helpful for students in all areas of college life. We ultimately launched a beta test and got feedback that a platform that only focused on one of our features at the time which was a schoolwide marketplace would be the best thing to do.

Where do you see Student Grounds in 3 years?

BM: Hopefully on a majority of college campuses helping students make and save money. We hope to help students financially which doesn’t seem like it is a priority for anyone these days.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

BM: Hopefully a successful entrepreneur running Student Grounds or another company that I am passionate about. I’d also love to be living in California with a bunch of my friends.

Most memorable Brandeis experience?

BM: Our celebration in the mods after we won our first conference title for soccer. It was a night I will never forget for many reasons.

Favorite class at Brandeis so far?

 Intro to Finance with Podorofsky

Fast Facts:

Favorite food? Chinese food

Vacation destination? Bora Bora

Movie? Good Will Hunting

TV show? 24

Musician? John Mayer

Spot on campus? Gordon Field