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Brandeis Springtime for President

Between great parties, events, and even better weather, spring fun is unrivaled.  Here are a few of the well-liked spring times that will have you dreaming of March.


Often considered round two of Halloween, Purim has long existed as the most entertaining night of the school year.  The event annually draws a huge gathering of students.  Originally a commemoration of the Jewish holiday Purim, the event has flourished into a comprehensive night of festivity allowing for Jewish students and non-Jewish students to celebrate all night. Get tickets as soon as they’re available; you don’t want to be one of the students climbing through the window or trying to charge the bouncer in the backyard.  Also, weirdness is 100% guaranteed.  Thank you spring.


I know I pitched Purim as the craziest night of the year, but Pachanga truly challenges that rank.  A super DJ and club lighting could put Pachanga in the lead for some.  Not that I encourage madcap and probably underage drinking…but purely as a demonstration of the crazy…I must include that there are several alcohol-related trips to the hospital each year due to Pachanga.  That is both proof and warning!  (Be in control of yourself and be safe). 


Technicality keeps Spring Fest out of the competition for the best night of the year.  Spring Fest is by miles and miles the BEST DAY of the year.  Maybe the finest day ever.  A giant daytime party (beer garden #yup) with topnotch musical acts and nutty students newly done with finals.  I’d say use caution but care is absolutely pointless this day!  The insanity is inescapable! (And will someone please host a good after-party this year?)

Saint Patrick’s Day

Ah, the feast of Saint Patrick.  We know the Irish like to party, and so to celebrate March 17th, we join them!  Boston is the prime festive location for this day.  Party at Brandeis or go bar-hopping in the city—  Get your Irish whiskey and honor Saint Patrick’s life on this magnificent holiday.  Don’t forget your green!

Great Lawn

Beautiful weather is surely something to look forward to, especially with a prime location like the Great Lawn.  On spring’s nicest days the Great Lawn is crowded with students doing homework, listening to music, playing football or frisbee.  Tough part about it—getting to class!

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