Blogger Spotlight: Marshall Abroad

Marshall Abroad is a lifestyle blog run by world traveler, mother of two, wife of a Marine Corps Officer, Amanda Marshall. I have been following her blog for about two years and still get excited every time I read a new post.


In the midst of taking care of her toddler and infant baby, traveling, and cooking delicious meals, Amanda still manages to upload elaborate posts about what she’s been up to, home-cooked food recipes, and beautiful pictures of the places she has been to.



Since her husband, Cam is in the Marines, Amanda is an expert on world traveling. She visited places such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Italy, and actually lived in Okinawa, Japan for two years. Currently, she lives in Croatia with her beautiful family.


Even though this doesn’t count as a post, my favorite narrative in her blog is her fairytale-like story of how she and her husband met and fell in love. The anecdote consists of both Amanda’s and Cam’s point of view and it is absolutely heart-warming.



So if you enjoy reading about fun adventures in Croatia, learning how to make mouth-watering comfort food, seeing cute babies grow up, or taking a look at scenic photographs, check out!