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Beyond the Brandeis Bubble: Brunch at Comedor

While perusing Boston Magazine’s list of “The Best Breakfasts in Boston,” I was struck by the most glorious image: a thick slice of French toast buried underneath a mountain of toasted merengue and then drenched in maple syrup. Drooling, I read the accompanying blurb that informed me that this masterpiece could be found at Comedor in Newton Centre. I frantically jotted down the name and waited for the day I could taste such gluttony.

This past Sunday was the day.

Walking into Comedor – which means “dining room” in Spanish – I had big expectations for the “American-Chilean” joint, and it being Sunday brunch and all, I had an even bigger appetite.

After the waitress asked if we wanted coffee, she returned minutes later with speckled ceramic teacups and a miniature French press. Looking down at the simple hardwood tabletop and the large mason jar of water for the table, I found my appetite for a charming aesthetic quickly satisfied. But with how delicious the actual food was, I could have eaten my breakfast on the curb for all I cared.

 To start, we ordered two of the house-made donuts: warm and fluffy, complete with chocolate ganache and dulce de leche. In a word: heavenly. If I remember correctly, I believe I licked the crumbs off the plate. Can’t be too sure, though, as I was quickly descending into a sugar-induced daze.

And then came the main attraction: S’mores French Toast. Soft on the inside, the brioche was gently charred on the outside, offering the perfect crunch. As I dug my fork in, I discovered a layer of melted chocolate tucked between the toast and the pile of merengue (which, while eating a cloud is fun in theory, was a bit too much for me). And just to make sure it was a sticky sweet as possible, it sat in a puddle of maple syrup, just like the picture on Boston Magazine’s website promised. Talk about a dreamy way to start a Sunday. 


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