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Best Yaks of the Week 3/16

Here are some of the funniest yaks published this week.  Enjoy and keep yakking Judges!  

With seemingly bottomless essays and tests, anything but studying feels like a sin.

Ah, courtships on Yak—twenty-first-century romance ladies and gentlemen.  Don’t we all want our Prince/Princess Yakker in shining pelage to come find us?

You go, Glen Coco!

What a champion.  You are a pirate, sir.



Absolutely, Yakker, you are right. Last year during finals I wore a bathing suit top to class.  Matching does not happen at this point in the semester, either—if you see a girl wearing spots and stripes… yeah that’s me.



Has totally happened to me in a dream before!  Whoever this is you are so right!





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