Best Vegetarian Spots in Boston

As a vegetarian myself, I understand the struggle of trying to dine out in a city as meat-and-potatoes as Boston; maybe in LA or NYC it’s a breeze to find a green smoothie, but here, you’re going to find a lot of people raving about the “wicked good” hot dog they just had at a sports game. Sure, there are plenty of places to get a really nice salad, but what if you want more than just *gasp* lettuce? Fret not because below is your guide to some of Boston’s best veggie-friendly hotspots that you probably didn’t know existed.



Let’s rewind a bit and start with the health guru basics: green (or really any color) smoothies, fresh-pressed juices, and all of those super foods that you can’t actually pronounce but try to anyways. If you’re in the mood to transport yourself to someplace tropical, just step inside Jugos, where the crates of overflowing fruit and Latino music bumping overhead instantly give you major island vibes. Highly recommended are the smoothie bowls and chia pudding, both of which taste more like dessert than fruits and veggies.



Jugos also offers a long list of juices, but Pressed is another joint not to be missed. With separate yet equally impressive menus for its juices, superfood shakes, and fork-and-knife fare, Pressed knows how to transform plants into a meal. Grab a Magnesium juice (watermelon, cucumber, lime, ginger, and pomegranate) and a slice of the Pepita Avocado Smash Toast and feel the glow from all those nutrients pumping through your veins.


Taco Party

When it comes to Mexican food, it’s usually a toss-up for those of us who are plant-based. You could either get a menu jam-packed with veggies or your only option is a lousy bean quesadilla. Cue Taco Party to save the day. With both a Somerville storefront and a food truck roaming the streets of Boston, Taco Party serves up an entirely vegan menu of inventive tacos and traditional Mexican sides. Try the Chorizo Seitan Taco or Sriracha BBQ Jackfruit Taco (or one of each).


City Table

Not a plant-based restaurant by any means (I’m sure they serve up some mean meat and potatoes) but City Table makes the list because they also happen to serve up an impressive veggie burger as one of the multiple items featured on their vegetarian menu (none of the prepackaged hullabaloo). The thought of a normal restaurant willing to accommodate your dining preferences is enough to make you want to do a backflip (but I highly suggest that you don’t, due to that whole theory of being well-behaved in fancy restaurants and whatnot).



So then the time for dessert rolls around and, whether it’s because you’re vegan or simply lactose-intolerant, that milk chocolate cake with buttercream frosting doesn’t exactly work for you. So…are you just supposed to skip dessert? Ha, I think not. Believe it or not, there is actually a vegan ice cream shop right in Allston, and it goes by the name of Fomu. While I could talk about the shop’s local artwork studding the walls or the always-charming chalkboard menus, I’ll tell you about its uber-creamy ice cream, which comes in flavors like Bourbon Maple Walnut, Peanut Butter Mud Pie, and Chocolate Peppermint Cookie. On top of this, Fomu keeps a display case stocked with a selection of vegan cookies, cupcakes, and bars at all hours. Talk about a sweet end to your (meat-free) day.