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The Best Takeout in Waltham


So we all know that dining hall food can get, well, a little boring to say the least.  There are only so many consecutive days one can handle Usdan’s stir-fry or Sherman’s grilled chicken and pizza before one starts dreaming of mom’s lasangna or grandma’s special soup. If you’re like me, all-you-can-eat dining halls have inspired you to create some pretty bizarre and eclectic meal combinations (seriously though, I’m sure it’s not normal to find quesadillas, hummus, and stir-fry on one plate).  Some days, there’s nothing I want more than regular, real world food.  Lucky for us Brandeisians, Waltham has an abundance of restaurants that will deliver directly to our dorms.  For such a small town, Waltham has quite a selection ranging from Asian inspired to Italian.  Most places have a small delivery fee and of course a tip is custom, but if you’re ordering with a few friends, this small extra cost is worth it.   So if you’re feeling sick at the thought of having Sherman pizza for dinner (again), treat yourself to night sans dining hall food and walks up big hills.  Need some inspiration? Here are a few of Waltham’s finest takeout places:

Baan Thai: 

If you’re in the mood for Thai food, check out Baan Thai’s menu.  The abundance of Pad Thai options in enough to make anyone’s mouth water. http://www.baanthaifood.com

Pho and Spice: 

Another Thai restaurant, Pho and Spice is another great takeout option.  We recommend trying Pad See You. http://www.phoandspicewaltham.com

Mulan Taiwanese Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for Chinese, then this is the place for you.  I have yet to try a dish that I don’t like from Mulan. http://www.mulan-ma.com

Sabatino’s Italian Kitchen

Sabatino’s is definitely a favorite when it comes to Italian food.  While it’s hard to go wrong with anything on the menu, gnocchi is always a particular favorite. http://www.sabatinositaliankitchenwaltham.com

Prime Deli and Prospect Café

These two eateries are extraordinary for one thing that they have in common: Froyo.  That’s right, they both deliver frozen yogurt! Both also have an Italian inspired menu complete with pizza and warm sandwiches. http://primedeliwaltham.com    https://prospectcafe.net/menu

What are your favorite takeout places in Waltham? Let us know in the comment section below! 


I am a double major in Anthropology and International/Global Studies with a minor in Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation at Brandeis University. As a native Southern Californian, I have a born passion for avocados and an innate dread of cold weather. In my free time I love cooking (with avocados of course), drawing and writing. 
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