Best Friends Edition: Elizabeth Barras '18 and Zoe Cantor '18


EB: Major: Politics, Minors: Business & Legal Studies

ZC: Majors: Economics & Sociology

Why Brandeis?

EB: I am from Chicago and knew I wanted to get out of the Midwest and come to the East Coast. I toured a bunch of small schools and really liked the atmosphere and people who I met at Brandeis.

ZC: I am not from a big city, so I was really interested in coming to Boston. Brandeis ended up being the right fit in terms of the size and people I have met.

How did you meet?

We lived in the same hall freshman year, and we met on move-in day. Our moms met in the hallway and introduced us to each other. Ever since then, people have confused us / asked us if we are twins.

First impressions of one another?

EB: I thought Zoe was super fun and easy to talk to. We clicked instantly and haven’t spent a minute apart since.

ZC: I was excited to meet everyone because I only knew one person who went to Brandeis coming in to the semester. She seemed like someone I would get along well with.

Favorite Brandeis memory?

We went on the Brandeis Birthright Israel trip together this summer. It was such an amazing experience. It was so fun travelling together! So far, we have gone to New York, Maine, Connecticut, all over Massachusetts, and Israel together.

No matter what we’re doing, all of our time spent together is so much fun. We are very spontaneous and try to go on adventures / do fun things whenever we can. Whether it’s a last minute vacation, trying new restaurants, crafting for our littles (we’re in the same sorority), wearing matching outfits, going to In A Pickle as frequently as possible, or going on day road trips, we always have a blast!

Advice for first-years on making friends that’ll last?

EB: Be yourself and find people who are accepting of you. I can be crazy sometimes, and Zoe hasn’t ditched me yet.

ZC: Meet as many people as you can, and you’ll find people who you click with.

Fast Facts:

Favorite late-night snack?

Our favorite late night (or any time at all) snack / recurring Domino’s order: medium hand tossed cheese pizza with pepperoni and pineapple (ranch on the side), cheesy garlic bread with butter dipping sauce, and chocolate lava cake.

When we don’t order Domino’s, you can find us dipping anything edible in Nutella (even goldfish)!

Favorite spot in Boston?

We love going to Boston and shopping on Newbury, eating dinner at Papa Razzi, and getting cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes.

Pet peeve about the other?

EB: When she has too much Economics homework and can’t watch our shows together.

ZC: When she falls asleep on me while watching one of our shows.