The Best Finals Yaks, So Far

Yik Yak gets what studying for finals really means...

And how even if you're failing to actually study as much as you should, you practically live in the library these days, only venturing out for some brief exercise 'cause you know, food.  

The stress of finals is really intense.  

Seriously though, you'll probably be recovering for weeks.  

Because finals really fry your brain.   

You will probably do everything and anything just to avoid said frying.   

Knitting a hat? Yep, definitely better than studying.  

You might even dare to go down the dark hole that is Netflix.  

All that studying and procrastination makes sleep deprivation inevitable.  

With one week left, your not sure that even all the motivation in the world will save you.  But alas, you must fight on.  

Before you know it, you will be able to have the AMAZING feeling of finally finishing finals.  

Until then, good luck with finals collegiettes!