The Best Off-Campus Study Spots

Brandeis, for all its glory, can easily feel a bit cramped. It’s a small campus, and after a while, the typical study spots just don’t work anymore. Lucky for us students, we have access to some great places to study in the nearby area. Whether you want to stick in Waltham or take a bus into the city, there’s a perfect place for you be productive.

Café on the Common

If you’re itching to get off campus but don’t want to make the hike into the city, hop on a Waltham BranVan and visit Café on the Common. With a lengthy list of teas and coffees (and a smaller but delicious one full of sandwiches, soups, and pastries) you’ll have plenty of options to sustain yourself with for a long afternoon of studying. The two-room café is spacious yet quaint, perfect for busy students and locals alike.

Harvard Square Starbucks

If you’re looking for a relaxed, familiar atmosphere removed from campus, try the Harvard Square Starbucks. The first floor is your typical chain coffee shop, but the second floor is what gives this joint bonus points. Overlooking the hustle and bustle of Cambridge, the second floor hosts a variety of tables perfect for hard work as well as lines of comfier chairs for when you just want to relax. Plus, there’s a full café upstairs as well so you don’t have to lose your seat to get coffee refills.

Boston Public Library

Directly outside of the Copley stop on the Green Line, the BPL stands proudly on the corner of Dartmouth and Boylston, making it super accessible. Its collection boasts over 23 million items – books, manuscripts, and photographs – so if the Brandeis library doesn’t have what you’re looking for, chances are the BPL will. And when you need a break from hitting the books, take a stroll in the McKim Courtyard, one of the many examples of the establishments beautiful architecture.

Thinking Cup

If you haven’t been to the Thinking Cup yet, then you’re missing out on one of Boston’s best coffee shops. Each of the three locations proudly serves Stumptown coffee (perfect for energizing you through hours of schoolwork) alongside its café menu and display cases full of pastries. It might be a fight for a seat, but once you get one it’s worth it (but try not to get distracted by the old newspapers hidden in the glass countertops).