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Being Alone 

By Bailey Gold 


I’ve run through every stop light 

Pretending that they’re green 

I know it is not right 

But I say what I mean 


I ignore all the signs 

Because both make me melt 

They are and are not mine 

But all of my feelings are felt 


Maybe shut up? 

All of you around 

Love isn’t just from you 

Cause inside me it’s found 


I will halt at the red 

And enjoy the waiting time 

I must calm my wild head

And know alone…


I am infinitely fine 


Bailey Gold

Brandeis '23

Bailey is planning to study Neuroscience and is on the swim team. She loves writing poems and hopes you connect to her work.
Sakinah Master

Brandeis '21

Sakinah is Senior at Brandeis University persuring a degree in Psychology and Public Health. She is from Mumbai (India) and hopes to make a change in the field of mental health in her hometown one day!