Ann Marie '14 and Sang '14


Ann Marie Lee: Economics and Anthropology double major

Sang Lee: Economics major and IGS minor


Ann Marie: Cresskill, NJ

Sang Lee: Bayside, NY

Her Campus: What are you involved with on campus?

Sang Lee: I’m a BCKLI tutor

Ann Marie: I’m a BCKLI tutee!

SL: I’m also in Kaos Kids. I’m going to be working in the IBS career office soon.

Ann Marie: As a secretary!

Sang: As a data analyst, actually. Ann Marie works at Einstein’s.

HC: How did you two meet?

AL: Well we had intro to econ together, but we actually met at a frat party. I kept thinking his name was Danny because I couldn’t hear over the music!

SL: It only took her ten seconds to fall for me. She knew I was the one.

AL: I can’t deal with this. You’re gross, Sang. Funny story, when I first met him, I asked a mutual friend about him. She said, “Don’t trust him. Be careful.”

HC: How long have you two been dating?

AL: It’s going to three years in February.

SL: I usually just say three years.

HC: Who initiated the relationship?

SL: I did. I met her a couple of times at parties…then met her sober in econ class, and texted her quite a bit. I asked her out to dinner after three weeks of knowing her.

HC: What was your first date?

SL: I called her up. She thought that I was going to take her to Usdan.

AL: I was a midyear so I had no idea shuttles ran. He asked me to meet him in front of Usdan.

SL: I took her out to Harvard Square. There’s a sushi restaurant above Staples. We ate, got coffee near Harvard Square. I held her hand.

HC: Most memorable date?

SL: I’m going to go with our sixth month anniversary date. I went to New Jersey and we took a cab all the way to New York. I took her to a restaurant that’s on an anchored boat. It was a $400 date.

AL: Six flags! I was so excited because I never went on a roller coaster before.

SL: Wow, the four hundred dollar date wasn’t your favorite? I showered her with everything I had for that one.

HC: What are your favorite qualities of each other?

AL: I like that he’s ambitious, that he’s fluent in Korean. My mom loves him. He’s really caring, and he loves his family.

SL: She’s a good complement to what I have. She’s the opposite of me. She lives in the moment, but I like to plan things out. I’m personally afraid to live in the moment, but she makes living in the moment enticing. She puts a smile on my face…that doesn’t happen all too often.

SL: He’s in the body of a 20 year old, but he’s as grumpy as an eighty year old.

AL: How about a…40 year old?

HC: How do you keep in touch during the summer?

AL: He only lives a 40-minute drive from me. We try to see each other once a week.

SL: We try to leave our Saturdays for each other. We spend the day together, from morning until a little after dinnertime. Sometimes Sunday afternoons work too. Now we understand New Jersey and New York traffic so we try to avoid it. Fun fact, Ann Marie drove me around the first year.

AL: I was his chauffeur.

SL: Before I had a car, Ann Marie would pick me up because she hated waiting for public transportation. After I got a car, she would tell me to drive myself.

HC: How did you two keep the relationship strong when Sang was abroad?

AL: A lot of skyping and Facebook messaging.

SL: It was tough.

AL: I didn’t think it was that hard until May, right before he came back.

SL: It wasn’t easy for sure, but the first semester I was abroad wasn’t that hard. Ann Marie really understood when I was busy abroad. The time difference made it the hardest. We kept in touch in a lot. She sent me a lot of pictures of her having fun with her friends so I knew she was okay.

AL: I had a really good support system.

HC: Will you two be in the same area after you graduate?

AL: He’s going to be here for another year and I’m going to be in the NJ/NY area.

HC: That’s still pretty far away!

SL: It’s nothing after London. We’re going to have a happily ever after.

AL: Haha.

SL: Saddily ever after?