Amenities, Resources and Other Perks at Brandeis

Laundry Service (PC:

Are you just ~done~ with the perpetually fidgety washers and dryers or maybe you simply don’t have time and that one hamper of dirty clothes has really turned into a hamper-full and three large piles surrounding it? Through Student Services Bureau which is housed in the Game Room (just across from Lower Usdan) you can sign up to have your laundry done off campus and delivered to you folded and ready to wear!  

Air Mattress Rental(PC:

Is the little bro finally coming to visit you or did your best friend decide to surprise you on her spring break? Don’t let sleeping arrangements ruin the fun, if you’ve ever slept on the floor (purposefully or not) of these Brandeis residence halls then you know that an air mattress is a must! If you don’t know anyone that has one, then this service is perfect as it lets you rent them, right here on campus!

Discounted Boston Attractions Tickets  


You may be familiar with the Brandeis ticketing office for Brandeis events but they also sell discounted tickets for several sites, museums, and other attractions in the Boston area. Next time you are planning on exploring the city, be sure to check out the deals they have to save a little extra money on your adventure!

Friday Night Lights @ The Game Room(PC:

So for your sake, I hope you have at least walked past the game room because it is one of the most centrally located areas on campus. Typically you have to pay to use the game tables or video games but on Friday Nights from 8-12 am games are free! So when you're making plans this weekend, maybe try out a few rounds of ping pong or show off those Mario Kart moves that you still have from childhood with friends as a new way to just kick back and chill.

Personal Training and Group Exercise(PC:

So maybe you really want to work on your #fitnessgoals but every time you think about trekking all the way to Gosman, working out, and then having to shower and look like a person again, that little bit of motivation you had, is gone af. By signing up for personal training or group training (drag your best friends with you) these sessions will keep you accountable for your workouts and help you achieve all your goals in a healthy and happy way!