Amazing Women in Current Events

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Amy McGrath

LtCol, US Marine Corps (Ret.) (PC:

Why She’s Cool:

Amy McGrath is a former fighter pilot for the U.S. Marines and never let a ‘no’ stop her from following her dreams. From a young age she knew that jets were her calling and despite laws prohibiting women to fly fighter jets she continued to follow her dream. By the time she arrived at the Naval Academy, the law was amended and she was able to continue following her dreams. She became the first U.S. woman Marine to fly in an F/A-18 in combat. Now she is channeling that same passion, desire, and patriotism into her campaign for Congress. She is running the 6th Congressional District for the state of Kentucky and is hoping to break through barriers to continue to her dreams.


Florence Price

Composer (PC:

Why She’s Cool:

Florence Price is recognized as the first African-American symphonic composer. Unfortunately, due to her race and gender she was limited in reaching her full potential during her lifetime. In the early 1940s, she reached out to Serge Koussevitzky, the Conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, asking to give her music a chance. He never did. It was thought for a bit that her music had been totally lost but in 2009, many of her manuscripts were found in what had been her summer home in Chicago. This month, two of her violin concertos are being released and this badass lady is getting the recognition she has always deserved!


Janet Yellen

Former Chair of the Federal Reserve


Why She’s Cool:

Janet Yellen just finished her term as Chair of the Federal Reserve at the beginning of the month. She was confirmed to the office in 2014 under the Obama Administration and was the first woman to hold the position. During her time in office, she oversaw the biggest drop in unemployment, the continual rise of the stock market, and guided the United States through economic recovery. Throughout her time at The Fed, she has faced much criticism but continued to perform her job rather smoothly and despite not being re-appointed by President Trump (something that’s high key ~unheard~ of) she eloquently executed herself through her final days with the negotiations regarding Wells Fargo.


California Girl Scout

Junior Girl Scout


Why She’s Cool:

This super cool girl has totally beat everyone and their mother at the Girl Scout cookie selling game. Apparently going door-to-door is so 2007 and this California Girl Scout knew. As of January 2018, Marijuana was legalized in California and this entrepreneurial Scout saw the potential of a great business. Capitalizing on the symptom of ‘the munchies’ she set up camp right outside a local dispensary and sold around $1,500 worth of cookies in just six hours. What a great reminder that we can look to those older and younger than us for role models and its some serious #GirlBoss inspo for the week!